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Hi!! This is Geetanjali Arora.. I come from a multicultural background with Maharashtrian Gujarati and Punjabi lineage. So taking further the Indian doctrines of 'Unity in  Diversity' , here I get you all a truly one stop shop for Indian delicacies - Treats and Tadaka.. For the past two years with pandemic and the lockdown that followed, everyone was pushed into the spiral of uncertainty.. Being a new mom during the lockdown, I had a tough time juggling all my resources to keep the household in order at the same time keeping myself nourished enough as a new mom. This struggle sparked a desire in me to serve others who are facing similar struggles be it new mom or working parents...

And this desire gave the idea of serving people with scrumptious food. Food that is easy on the pocket and keeps lingering on the taste buds. 

At treats and tadaka we serve a variety of meals - festive season special ( for ex modaks during Ganpati, chakli, laddoo during Diwali ) , we are also have range of assorted cookies and cakes for the Christmas. Along with these we specialise in our weekly tiffin service and a range of post partum food numbers and a range of snacks.. Serving the students and working people with food with the flavour of their home- the Ghar ka Khaana, our speciality..

So.. go ahead.. Check the menu and fire away your orders.. 

'Treat' your taste buds with a dash of our sizzling 'Tadaka'



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Monday - Saturday: 8am - 7pm
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